Textile design "Hop Hop Hope"

2020 Spring and Summer fabric for galerie doux dimanche

I made this textile design with the language of flowers that mean “HOPE”.

Now, You have to go out wearing a mask on a daily basis. 

I'm glad if you feel hope when you are with them that I've designed.

Was produced for from May 2020 until the end of June was held in the "rabbit mon petit lapin" exhibition at galerie doux dimanche

Textile design. A rabbit playing happily in a flower field with the flower language of hope is drawn.

Since then, it has become the number one fabric and has been sold at department stores and select shops nationwide.

We are particular about natural materials, and the mask is made of organic cotton that has passed strict examination so that it can be used by people with multiple chemical sensitivity.
It is spun without using any synthetic detergent. I think textile design is until everyone can use it with peace of mind.